Evolvin’ Women is a social enterprise that was born with the goal of empowering women to achieve their maximum career potential, including women who do not have the access or means to open avenues for professional advancement themselves.

What We Do

We are an online platform that connects women working in hospitality or aspiring to start a career in the industry with professional coaches, mentors, recruiters, education and training providers that can offer their services to further enable career development.

How it Works


If you are looking to accomplish a professional development goal and need expert advise, you can create a virtual table designed to meet your personal requirements. Each table serves as a small, private group where you establish conversations and can browse through a network of experts who can help you achieve your goal.


If you are a coach, recruiter, mentor or an educational institution, you can join these tables to offer your advice or services, or create bespoke tables that members can join to learn about a specific service or topic.

Meet some of the Businesses on Evolvin’ Women

Sit at the Table

  • 1Sign up and tell us if you are an individual or a business
  • 2Browse the current tables to join or create one that fits your goal
  • 3Connect with other members who can help you achieve your goal or with members you can advise
7 Suspended Tables Available

Give back

A social enterprise at heart and inspired by the Italian "suspended coffee" concept, for each table that a business purchases to showcase their services to the members of Evolvin’ Women, the company will provide a “suspended table”, a pro-bono 8 hour career coaching to a woman in the community who does not have access or means to provide this for herself.

Would you like to take a seat at one of our suspended tables?

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